DAVID FROST says: You will need to jump through several hoops. Firstly your firearms certificate will need to be varied to allow you to purchase and possess such a rifle. I’m not familiar with the A3G SPR but it appears to be a specialised long-range target rifle with a weight of 14lbs.

As with any firearm you will need to convince the police you have a good reason for obtaining it.

Secondly you should check with the import licencing branch of the Department of Trade and Industry to see if you need an import licence. A licence is not normally needed for personal imports of sporting guns but you need to be sure.

Thirdly you should check with the US Embassy to see what legal requirements have to be met at the American end.

For example you may need to get an export licence. Firearms laws differ from state to state and you will need to be certain that state law allows a non resident to buy a rifle and export it. After that it is a matter of finding a dealer to buy it from and who will ship it to the UK. If you intend to purchase the rifle during a visit to the USA you will need to check with the airline to see what their rules are for carrying firearms on a plane.

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