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How do I NOT mess up my fully trained gundog?

After waiting all this time – not to mention the cost – I don’t want to foul things up.

Jemma Clifford
I would say absolutely! I will always state that in most cases training of the handler is just as important as that of the dog.

The important thing is to take your time to get to know the dog gradually, don’t expect too much too soon.

Remember that it isn’t trained to your voice and will need to ease itself into your way of doing things.

First, make sure you spend time with the trainer and get a clear demonstration of how the dog has been taught hand, voice and whistle commands.

Write them down so there’s no chance of you forgetting.

Don’t be afraid to ask the trainer to talk you through things, he/she will be happy to assist because they have, after all, invested lots of time and effort in producing such a worthwhile dog.

The most important point though is take your time…