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How do we turn our woods into suitable drives?

IAN McCALL says: As you have already sought professional advice there’s little point going into the legal whys and wherefores of tree felling and planting, or any grants that might be available to the landowner for such work. Your advisor will, no doubt, have recited chapter and verse on the subject.

Trying to turn bare woodland into a worthwhile drive is a near impossible task because birds will not stay – or be attracted to – ground that doesn’t offer them warmth and security. Even generous feeding will struggle to draw a worthwhile number of birds from more attractive cover nearby.

Proper re-planting is the long term answer to your problem, but in the meantime you have nothing to lose by piling up old branches and evergreen brashings on the floor of small copses to give birds the cover they crave. If you can also lay down a wall of large straw balls to stop the wind blowing through, so much the better – you might be able to create an extra small drive or two for very little work and financial outlay.

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