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How do you go about ferreting roadside hedgerows?

I can see his point but the road?s really busy and I can already see some of my ferrets getting flattened after leaving a hole. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Edward Cook
If the road is that busy then it simply isn?t worth doing ? not only would you be putting your ferrets in grave risk of being flattened, you would be risking your own life too.

I understand it may well be tempting to do with so many rabbits in evidence but if you cause an accident you will be to blame, not the farmer.

We do ferret a fair few miles of roadside in this neck of the woods, but only those I feel safe on.

I always wear high visibility jackets which helps slow drivers down as they think you?re a copper out checking speeds, but you have to weigh up the situation and judge each on its merits.

If the farmer is serious about clearing these rabbits then his best bet by far is to put up a rabbit fence and install drop boxes along its length when he will never have the problem again.

If he can?t do that then he will just have to put up with the crop damage that comes with having rabbits!