I’m particularly interested in tick control because my Lab seems to be picking up more than usual this summer. Can you recommend any other treatments?

Ticks and fleas are at their worst in spring and summer but it really does pay to protect against them year-through so ensure you always have medication at hand. Frontline in either spray or drench form is extremely effective for long term protection against fleas and I also use Stronghold because this protects against ear mite too.

My experience suggests that no medication protects a dog from ticks for more than a month, and even then you might be pushing it a little. I’ve treated dogs a month before going up to the moors in August and found them carrying ticks on our return.

You can remove ticks by hand once you know the knack but if you are not sure simply spray a bit of Frontline around the head of the tick and it will die and drop off. If the tick should take hold in sensitive areas – such as the eyes – you can spray a cotton wool bud and lightly smear the solution onto its head.

Even though they only give protection against fleas for about one week it’s worth using insecticidal shampoos, and flea collars can be useful as well – just remember to remove them when the dogs are worked, or training takes place.

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