A reader is concerned ...

Q: I am planning a drive near 
a neighbour’s property. I do 
not want spent shot falling on 
their buildings and I understand that this is illegal anyway.

A: Shotgun pellets that fall 
on to another person’s land constitute a constructive trespass rather than a criminal offence. It is 
a criminal offence to allow an airgun pellet to leave your premises. That 
said, falling shotgun pellets, though 
not dangerous, are antisocial and should be avoided for the sake of 
good neighbourliness.

If you can, always stand the Guns with their backs to any buildings. Tell people when you are going to be shooting and be aware of any noise-sensitive issues — horses, children and so on. An occasional brace of birds will often help smooth the way. Do not make enemies; shooting has plenty already.



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