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How high a high seat do you prefer and why?

George Wallace
I like a seat to be as low as possible, provided it gives you a full view of the area you want to cover.

A ground seat overlooking a valley with a safe backstop on the far side is my very favourite because it?s easy to get into and my dog, Jack, can squeeze in beside me to help with the central heating.

Make sure there?s a slot for the dog to see through, then he won?t fidget so much.

If you need to go higher to get a better view, then keep as low as possible so that you can see under branches because it can be very frustrating if a cull animal is in clear view but there are branches in the way and it refuses to step into the open.

It can sometimes be a fine judgment to decide the ideal height and you then need to bear in mind that woods grow and change and that foresters don?t always appreciate you hacking branches off to provide a clear line of fire.

And another thing – always remember that the seat you put in place today might well be high enough to see over the young trees you are protecting but it will become redundant and need moving after only a few years as the forest grows.