A few frequently asked questions about shotgun cartridges answered ...

How many shotgun cartridges in a slab?

There are 250 shotgun cartridges in a slab. A slab of 28 gram shotgun cartridges will weigh 7kg. It’s worth thinking about having your cartridges delivered directly to the place you are shooting, as a slab of cartridges is heavy to carry. Or shop around to see where you can buy them locally to the shoot. It’s always good to support local gunshops.

Q: Do cartridges underperform if they get cold?

A: It is true that the performance of most cartridges is slightly impaired when they get very cold. So the best place to keep them is in a cupboard in a heated room of your house. Then, on a very cold morning, they at least have a good start. In the field, I suggest you carry cartridges in your coat pockets so they don’t get really frosty-cold.

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