If the battle goes against one of the contestants he will always try to get away but that is not always possible if the stronger animal is really fired up and fighting mad.

Stags and bucks can sometimes inflict horrendous stab wounds on each other from which one or both may die.

They can also fight to the point of total exhaustion and die of heart failure or pure stress.

Years ago my pal Jim found the skeletons of two stags on the very highest point of the island of Gometra.

Their antlers were still locked together and both had probably died of starvation.

In England, on an estate where I used to manage the deer, two Fallow bucks were found similarly entangled.

One was dead with a broken neck and the other was alive but exhausted.

There was nothing to be done; it had to be shot.

On a lighter note, I have often seen young stags and bucks having their wicked way with some two-timing female while the big boys were fighting for ownership.

Mother Nature has her own way of ensuring the survival of the species.