Any information you can give would be much appreciated and give me extra ammo in getting the lazy little sods to do something.

As it is, they only take the two hobs out about once every three weeks – and I don’t think that that is enough either.


Edward Cook
Ferrets should be cleaned out at least once a week, more depending on size and the number of ferrets you’ve got in there.

To put it bluntly, if your kids’ are not looking after them in the correct manner then the ferrets should be given to someone who will look after them properly.

All too often ferrets are looked upon as a cheap, replaceable, commodity and this is so terribly wrong; they should be cherished and valued.

The fact these ferrets leave the hutch so infrequently tells me your bone idle children have no interest whatsoever in them so either sort the brats out or find the animals a suitable new home and owner…fast.