Zeroing, or sighting in, means aligning the sights - the scope - on your rifle so that you can accurately aim at the target. Here is how to do it.

deer shot by rifle

A few checks and tweaks can make all the difference to your shooting

At what distance should a deer rifle be zeroed?

Let’s take the scenario that a stalker is up a high seat overlooking a crop of maize which has attracted the attention of deer.

To protect the crop it will not be necessary to shoot further than about 80 yards. But what if an injured deer, perhaps hit by a car, is spotted on the next field at an estimated range of 250 yards? You might try to get closer – and perhaps lose the deer in the process – while from the seat you have a nice, steady shooting position and a better chance of making a clean shot.

When the rifle is zeroed at 100 yards, the bullet will be about eight inches below the line of sight at 250 and a full foot low if the actual range happens to be 275. With that sight setting and an error in range judgement it would be easy to miss a fallow, let alone a roe or a muntie.


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  2. 2. At what distance should a deer rifle be zeroed?
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