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I always have trouble getting on to the second clay!

Rob Eaton
How many times have you seen someone clay shooting and they smoke the first target – then miss the simple second target on a report pair?

The majority of the time it’s because they had two entirely different targets ? and they didn’t move their feet!

When you?re stood behind someone who is shooting, try looking for the best places to kill those two targets.

Then when it’s your turn, get in and set up your feet to kill the first target only. Then turn onto the second target kill point to see if it’s right. Adjust if necessary.

Very occasionally you will need to put your feet in a position that will be ok for both birds but it’s quite rare.

Go back to your first bird feet position and call PULL.

Shoot that target and immediately SHUFFLE to the next position to kill the second target.

You should always have your leading foot pointing towards the pre-determined kill point.

Far too many people stand with their feet at right angles to the kill point as if they are playing darts – don’t do it.

Always mount onto your kill point and then wind back to your gun-hold point, which can seem a little uncomfortable at times, but don’t worry about it as you are only there for two seconds before you swing away from it.

You should find that at your kill point you will feel very comfortable indeed and that’s the idea.

Like everything it takes a little practice but is learnt quite quickly.

So remember, BANG… SHUFFLE… BANG.

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