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I can’t seem to improve my clay shooting scores!

I find this very frustrating. What can I do to improve? I currently shoot 50 – 75 clays every weekend. Would it help if I shot more?

John Bidwell
By the sounds of it there’s something fundamentally wrong with your shooting technique, or you have a master eye issue.

In either case shooting more targets isn’t going to make things better.

In fact doing so will just deepen your sense of frustration.

The best, nay only, course of action is to seek help from a shooting instructor who will pinpoint the problems and get you back on track.

Even if it takes two, three or four lessons to iron out the faults you will find the cost of it money well spent.

The only other advice I can give is to shoot confidence building targets to start with and only move on to harder birds as your skill level improves and you get to understand the shooting technique that you’ve been taught.

Until then you are going to learn little by shooting at targets you struggle to hit.