Clay pigeon shooting
Easy! You are simply taking the gun too far back on the clay’s line of flight before calling ‘pull’.

In other words the clay has passed the muzzles before you can see it properly and start moving the gun. In other words you are playing ‘catch-up’.

The trouble here is you are likely to develop a wild, uncontrolled swing in an attempt to put the gun on it. If you do manage to catch it there’s a good chance you will overshoot the mark or, maybe, even stop (or slow) the gun, instead.

There isn’t space here to go into the different shooting techniques – including my own form of maintained lead – but that’s by the by. Whatever shooting style you’ve been taught already, remember you need to give yourself time to see the target clearly, before you start to move and mount the gun.

In this respect you should experiment by holding your gun farther out on the line of the target so you see it properly, thus giving you time to react to it. Always strive to shoot each target with a smooth, unhurried, gun mount and swing.

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