Q: I had my shotgun and firearms certificate revoked two months ago for non compliance with hospital appointments re my diabetes. I am insulin controlled with no hypo glycaemic attacks for the past five years and was given my certificate over a year ago.

However, a year later the police revoked it as I did not attend my hospital appointment. They had requested this information from my GP. I have recently been reviewed by my consultant who stated I’m fine to have a certificate.

I contacted the firearms department to find out who revoked my licence and with what authority. Later I received a call from the chief firearms officer saying that so long as I didn’t take the case to court on appeal he would restore my licence within a year as long as I continue to attend my appointments. What is your advice?

A: I’m not in a position to make meaningful comment on the medical issues but the fact that you failed to keep hospital appointments casts doubt on your reliability and sense of responsibility.

I suspect it is this rather than the medical issues which principally concern the police.

If your certificates have been revoked you should have received a letter from an Assistant Chief Constable, not a more junior person, saying why. Depending on exactly what was said you can either appeal or accept the offer to reapply in a year.

If you do decide to appeal, make sure you get advice from a solicitor experienced in firearms matters. Many local solicitors lack this experience and may give you poor advice. You have 21 days from the receipt (not dispatch) of the revocation letter in which to launch an appeal.

If you belong to one of the shooting organisations, seek advice from their firearms department. If you don’t belong to one you are plain stupid.