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I need to pick-up the target faster when clay shooting!

Do you have any suggestions as to how I can make things easier, as I would really like to improve my clay shooting scores this summer!

Robert Eaton
When your waiting for the clay and about to call pull, focus not so much on the area where you will see the clay first, known as your pick-up point, but about a 1/4 – 1/2 mile directly behind it.

Do what? I hear you say.

I’ll explain.

The way the muscles work in the eye is that in order for you to focus on a target some 30/40 yards away, the muscles have to make two movements or operations.

But in order to focus ‘backwards’ to the target, from say half a mile away, it only takes one movement/operation.

That can have a dramatic effect on the speed in which you focus perfectly on the target (hard focus).

The object you focus on in the distance can be just about anything from a tree, a cloud, a cow, a fence post, just about anything that is directly behind your pick-up point.

(The pick-up point is the place that you can first focus on the target).

Focusing on the distant object behind your pick-up point – the clay will go through your vision which will automatically latch on to the fastest thing moving it can see i.e. the clay.

But the muscles only have one movement now to focus backwards onto it.

The result is that your pick-up/focus on the clay about a second earlier – which can have an effect that fools you into believing the clay is moving slower – giving you more time to get onto the clay target and shoot it.