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I took my shotgun for repair but it hasn’t been fixed!

I had a friend take a look and he said some of the parts were missing!

What should I do? I’d be very sad if the gun had to be scrapped as I’ve been using it since I was eight.

Shotgun repair
If you’ve had a gun repaired and it appears the repair was not done properly you should have taken it straight back to the gunsmith rather than letting a friend look at it.

The gunsmith could claim that any defect now existing was the result of your friend’s work, not his.

I think it most unlikely that a modern gun would need to be scrapped because most spares you need are usually readily available.

If it’s an old gun then a skilled practical gunsmith should be able to make the necessary parts, or modify parts to fit.

I suggest you take it to a more reliable gunsmith and ask him for his opinion.