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I want to go shooting over my ferrets!

Simon Whitehead
I used to do a great deal of shooting over ferrets, but nowadays I rarely pick up a gun.

I would rather let some good friends do the shooting so that I can concentrate fully on my ferrets.

My top tip would be to pick your Guns carefully, as few things will excite a normally steady shooter like bolting rabbits.

Use white ferrets to help with identification, and give a talk beforehand to set the parameters of what is, and what is not, acceptable.

Get the safe arcs of fire established and make sure the rabbits have a chance to bolt well clear before any shooting begins.

Always ensure wounded rabbits are retrieved quickly and despatched humanely.

Many Guns underestimate the testing shot offered by a rabbit, and there is a considerable drain on the Guns, who have to be in a constant state of alertness.