George Wallace says:
Shooting animals out of season without a licence to do so is always an offence.

There are exemptions for the prevention of serious damage to crops etc but in general the law expects you to identify your quarry correctly before killing it and if you don’t, and are found out, will drop on you from a great height.

If that sounds a bit pompous and sanctimonious, perhaps I should add that anyone who has never shot a young antlerless roebuck out of season is either a bloody liar or has not shot very many deer.

In the short, gloomy, rainy days of mid-Winter, with the doe cull to achieve and the landlord muttering about getting someone else in if you can’t manage, it is sometimes difficult to take the time necessary for a positive identification.

You can only do your best. Just learn from the occasional mistakes and try to keep them to a minimum.