In all there?s about 1,700 acres to cover. There isn?t much woodland apart from a 100 acre forestry block which holds a lot of pigeons.

I would like to roost shoot this on a regular basis with a couple of friends but will I damage the prospects for decoying birds on outside crops if the wood gets disturbed by shooting?

Peter Theobald
Regular readers will know that I have a small 15-acre wood on my farm. On occasion there will often be in excess of 2000 pigeons roosting in it, but I shoot it very sparingly, probably no more than two or three times a year.

Whilst roost shooting can be superb sport, it is not a reliable way of killing a decent bag.

Over the year, I might shoot 150 birds coming into roost, but I often get that in a day with a decoying situation.

I would much rather have a settled population roosting securely in my wood, knowing I can usually track them down when they flight out to feed.

In this way, it would not be unusual for me to shoot more than a thousand birds in a year, all coming from my wood.

In your case, I would only roost shoot the wood during the winter, when good bags are hard to come by in the fields, and roving flocks are likely to move on anyway.