Does it mean the same as Olympic Skeet where the toe of the stock is down near the waist before you call for the bird?

John Bidwell
My advice to anyone shooting a new discipline for the fi rst time is to download a copy of the rules from the website and learn them by heart.

Time spent studying won’t be wasted…in fact it will actually increase your enjoyment of the sport!

That’s because (and I’ve said it before) if you have a ‘clear understanding of procedure and protocol, you will be able to – avoid potentially embarrassing situations so far as the referee is concerned.’

Ultimately it’s the ref who keeps you and a squad within the rules on everything from gun position to no-birds, gun malfunctions and lots more you should know about.

To quote from a previous reply to an almost identical question, rule 3.1.1 states: “Shooters must adopt the ready position – with both feet within the limits of the shooting stand, the heel of the gun stock touching the body under a horizontal line marked on the shooter’s jacket. This line is 25cm (9.85in) below the axis of the shoulder and in parallel with this axis. Shooters must remain in this position until the target is released and is visible.”

You might like to know that the gun down position for Olympic Skeet shooters is a darned sight lower than this!

If anyone else is planning to try FITASC Sporting – and I hope that they are – then check out the rules by going to