John Bidwell
You tell me, which do you feel more comfortable with when shooting and have you noticed any difference to how well you shoot when favouring the front foot, as opposed to spreading it between the two.

Or vice versa?

And let’s face it – what sort of front foot bias are we talking about here anyway?

It’s not as if the second coach told you to put all that weight on one set of tootsies in the same fashion as a heron waiting for a meal, did he?

When all’s said and done the balance bias is only very slight when favouring the leading leg, a few per cent, if that.

A neutral balance is fine if the gun fits properly and gun mount is perfect but having a slight forward bias is good insurance because, while it won’t interfere with swinging the gun, it does help ensure our head remains on the stock for the shot.

And it also allows us to ride and absorb recoil without getting battered and bruised.