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Is a dummy launcher classed as a firearm?

I now want to move his training on with the help of a .22 dummy launcher. Can I use one in a public place like this, or is it illegal?

David Frost
A dummy launcher is not a firearm so is not covered by the rules relating to having a firearm in a pubic place.

The dummy fits on a spigot and in order to be classified as a firearm there must be a barrel – and the launcher does not have one.

There may be bylaws regulating what you can do in the park and I should check to see if there is anything in them that might prevent you from using the launcher.

For example there may be a requirement to keep dogs on a lead, or under close control.

Ideally you should do your training when there is nobody else about with a dog which might distract yours.

You also need to consider safety issues as anyone hit by a dummy could get damaged.

People get nervous if they hear shots so it?s wise to tell anyone in the vicinity what you?re doing.

You?d be surprised how interested people are in seeing a gundog being trained and doing its stuff.