Absolutely necessary? Absolutely not! In fact on the heather-covered hill a really loud tweed just disappears.

And the louder the better. Viewed from close up I know that sounds ridiculous but it’s quite true. At a distance, really loud becomes DPM.

The downside is that good tweed is expensive and gets heavier and heavier as it absorbs water.

There is some really excellent purpose-made stalker’s clothing around which is warm, windproof, waterproof, anti-rustle and affordable.

Musto is one of the latest with their ‘Technical Tweed’ and I have for many years used Deerhunter brand clothing which comes in Realtree cammo.

It is excellent in every way and performs that most important task of concealing the wearer; not from his quarry but from interfering members of the public!

You can stalk deer in a white shirt if you move slowly enough but for nosey bloody ‘antis’ you can’t beat a bit of Realtree.