JOHN BIDWELL says: In my opinion FITASC, or more correctly, International Sporting, is the finest form of clay shooting you could possibly wish for. Yes, an entry fee is a third or so more expensive than an English Sporting shoot of the same size, but in terms of sheer shooting enjoyment, a well designed FITASC course is worth every penny of the extra cost.

A British or English team selection shoot, if you don’t mind me saying so, is not the best place to try FITASC for the first time – you would be much better entering a 50, 75 or 100 birder and see how you get on. Remember the rules are somewhat different to English Sporting so it will pay to get a copy from the CPSA and study the booklet before stepping into the hoop for the first time.

As I say, FITASC is a fantastic form of shooting, so don’t be surprised if, after trying it, you find yourself thoroughly hooked. You won’t be the first sportsman who decides to save money by shooting fewer English Sporting events and then putting the spare into carefully chosen FITASC fixtures. You might even decide to knock English on the head completely and concentrate on FITASC instead.

One way or another I’ve got the feeling I’m going to see you at a shoot soon!

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