Edward Cook
It is perfectly legal to long net hares, in fact it was a common procedure when hare coursing was on the go; hares would be moved around to make sure numbers were high in certain spots.

Hare conservationists do still use hare netting to build up stocks in places where numbers are low.

Hare netting when carried out officially is conducted in daylight, but it’s illegal at night.

The nets used are made with a larger mesh than that used for rabbits and they need to cover 200-500 yard stretches placed 15 or so yards away from a hedge in a parallel fashion.

A team of beaters then walks a series of fields towards the nets, whilst others remove hares from the net and crate them up.

Personally I would much rather see this method employed in areas where hare numbers are high, rather than see them shot, because in my eyes the hare is far too noble to run the risk of being wounded.

Maybe one day when politicians lift the pointless hunting ban we will once again be able to resort to using the best control method of all – a swift moving hound.