Shooting legal expert
The law in England and Wales is slightly different to that in Scotland and you do not say where you live.

Using a dog, typically a greyhound, to chase them either in a competition or for the dog to catch and kill them is illegal in Great Britain.

It is lawful to use a dog or dogs (a maximum of two in England and Wales) to flush a hare in order to obtain meat for human consumption.

In this situation the hare must be shot by a competent person as soon as possible after it is flushed.

Recent court cases have shown that it is very difficult to obtain convictions under the Hunting Act.

Providing you are sensible – for example using spaniels or labradors rather than greyhounds – hare shooting should be no problem.

The law allows an unlimited number of dogs to be used by a picker-up for retrieving a shot hare.

In all cases you must have the permission of the owner or occupier.