I manage to score about 56% but would love to improve on that average; is this possible considering the amount of shooting I do?

Ideally it would be better if you could do more shooting but look on the bright side here – 75 targets every three weeks is much better than none at all.

The important thing is that you a) enjoy your time at the ground and b) pay attention to what you shoot and how you shoot it.

An average of nearly 60% isn’t at all bad considering the frequency that you shoot so take heart from that and think carefully about the birds you miss.

Are there any particular angles, for instance, you find difficult and most likely to cause trouble?

If so, give them some thought and try a slightly different approach next time you meet.

Does the club have a coach? If so why not give a couple of shoots a miss and use what you save on entry fees and cartridges to put towards a lesson.

By concentrating on the birds you usually miss you should find that it’s money really well spent.

If that isn’t an option then make it an absolute rule to pick up your gun each day for 9 or 10 minutes and practice dry mounting at home.

Few shooters out there can even start to realise their potential until they feel ‘at one’ with their gun.

In other words, your muscles are tuned to its weight and balance and you become able to mount it properly to the shoulder each and every time. The gun mount, in fact, should become second nature and able to be performed with your eyes shut.