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Is it true rabbits dig small bolt-holes inside their burrows?

How do you cope with these escapees?

Edward Cook
‘Losses’ of this kind are bound to happen if you just use purse nets when ferreting a burrow, so don’t feel too bad about it.

That said, when I first started professionally I found it a little annoying when it happened to me and I quickly learnt not to rely totally on one type of net when dealing with large, well populated, burrows.

In situations like this I try to place a purse net over every hole that’s visible and for those I can’t, I run long nets either side of the burrow to catch those that use the sort of bolt holes you describe.

As well as the long nets I also have two rather handy lurchers loitering over the burrow.

If a rabbit gets past them then it’s doing well in my eyes!

Once we finish ferreting a farm my brother, Nathan, returns at night to lamp the area from his quad bike to mop up any stragglers we’ve left behind.

If any should escape him as well then they deserve a medal!