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Is it worth doing my DSC Level 2?

George Wallace
Apart from your own expenses, there is the fee for your Approved Witness(es), possibly trophy fees and then the cost of the certificate, depending on where you go, whether you have your own ground – in which case you may have to pay your Witness travelling expenses – etc, etc!

There used to be Approved Witnesses, Accredited Witnesses and Competent Witnesses, all of whom could play a part; but if you registered for DSC 2 after June 1, 2010 then all three of the required stalks must be observed by an Approved Witness.

You can find out about it on the DMQ website and register on-line.

They will include a list of Approved Witnesses with the rest of the paperwork.

Then have a look at Mike Allison’s website, for example, at for costs.

The Jelen website says they are aware of people being charged up to £1200 but Mike advertises a guaranteed package for half that.

Sporting Gun’s own Jon Snowdon can also assist at

There will doubtless be others, if you ask friends who already have Level 2, or if you shop around on the internet.

Do I think it’s worth it? Most definitely!

You can never know too much about deer and time spent with an acknowledged craftsman is always time well spent.

Having Level 2 also helps to demonstrate your competence and commitment to landowners when you are looking for stalking.

Stalking with an Approved Witness can’t help but boost your understanding of deer.