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Is my Lanber Sporter properly balanced?

Lanber Sporter balance
Most folk are generally agreed that a balanced gun is one which places its centre of gravity between a shooter?s hands, but this doesn?t always take into account an individual?s shooting style or technique.

Some like a lively fast pointing gun with light muzzles whereas others prefer a bit of forward weight to add some momentum to the swing.

A rough check to determine point of balance is to rest the action on your index finger – most guns level out by pivoting an inch or so in front of the trigger guard but on others you might have to move your finger three or four inches further up the fore-end.

If you?re not happy with the way your gun points and feel that it?s a bit slow then add some weight to the back of the gun by placing a little bit of lead inside the stock cavity.

Add to or remove the amount of weight until you find something that feels suitable.

But before you do that why not try out a few friends? guns to see how they compare to yours?

You might discover one or two that feel more suitable, or you could find that yours feels better balanced than theirs!