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I’ve been thinking of training as a gunsmith!

Do I need proper training? And do I need a certificate?

I am also aiming to become a registered firearms dealer and I am in the process of securing a room to legal standards.

I am in the Scottish Borders and the only hint of gunsmith training I could find was in London, which is not viable as I have a young family.

Any help would be appreciated.

Bill Harriman
As far as I am aware, there are no training schemes for gunsmiths.

Occasionally, some of the London makers take on apprentices but places are limited.

These days, many people who come into the trade have an interest in guns combined with an engineering background.

This means that they are already trained in skilled metalwork techniques and simply have to adapt their existing skills to guns.

You can find some useful advice about applying to the police to become a registered firearms dealer in the Home Office publication, Firearms law: Guidance to the police 2002, Chapter 16.

ED: As an alternative route into the trade, our correspondent should keep an eye on the situations vacant column in our Classified section. While specialist apprenticeships are very occasionally advertised, some associated roles (for example, within gunshops) are also advertised for those with a keen interest and experience of shooting.