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I’ve just got back into pigeon shooting, can you help?

I always liked using Flexicoy decoys and note they?re still available. How do they compare to the newer deeks on the market? Can you recommend a few useful buys?

Pigeon shooting
I also rated Flexicoys when they were all the rage 30 years ago, but they were heavy.

This did not matter when your only other gear was a billhook and a cartridge bag, but when you consider what we drag out to our hid nowadays, I?m afraid we have to consider the weight of everything.

All modern equipment is lightweight, from aluminium hide poles to shell decoys, and whirlies that weigh less than 6lbs.

Even so, it all adds up, so unless you intend to invest in a quad bike, Flexicoys ? good as they are – could just be the straw that breaks the camel?s back.