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Can I keep a shotgun in my mum’s house?

Q: I was wondering if it is okay to keep a shotgun in my mum’s house. I originally only had one gun that I kept at home using a simple trigger lock that the constabulary were happy with. I decided to buy a second gun so upgraded my security to a cabinet. I live in Hampshire and my mum owns a farm in Devon where I shoot. But, is it okay to keep my second gun at her home using the trigger lock to keep it secure and keeping the key at my home? I consider it safer to keep the gun at her home rather than transporting it each time in the boot of my car.

shotgun in car

Transporting your gun shouldn't be a problem providing you take the standard precautions

David says: You need to raise the matter with your licensing department. Somehow I don’t think they’d be happy with such an arrangement. Personally I wouldn’t be too worried about transporting your gun to and from Devon provided you take the standard precautions when the gun is in the car. Another possibility would be for your Mum to get a shotgun certificate and for both of your guns to be on both certificates.