I am trying to buy a second hand shotgun from a private seller in Barcelona, Spain. I have found out that I only need my shotgun certificate and a transfer licence to bring it back into the UK. Unfortunately I’m having problems finding out where to get the transfer licence.

I know it has to be issued in the country I am buying the gun from (Spain) and I have a relative living in Barcelona who will go and get it. I just don’t know who is responsible for its issue. Can you please help?


David Frost
You need to contact the Spanish Embassy in London and ask them – http://spain.embassyhomepage.com

Alternatively the Ministry of the Interior has a website at www.interior.gob.es and the main Spanish shooting organisation has one at www.fecaza.com – both are in Spanish but your relative may speak the language if you don’t.

Or you can use ‘google translate to translate the webpages.