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Insurance for shooters – is it necessary?

Q: Do you need insurance to shoot game? The reason I ask is that I have been asked to provide the insurance details of all nine members of our roving syndicate to a sporting agent whom we have booked a day through. Is it a legal requirement?

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It is wise to have insurance for when you go shooting, and the countryside organisations can provide it

A: It isn’t, but it would be foolish of you to go shooting without insurance. Accidents when out shooting are more common than you might think and can happen to anyone. It is common practice for sporting agents to ask Guns to provide evidence of their insurance before they shoot. The same applies to shoot captains and hosts on let days. Insurance for when you go shooting is easy to obtain and is included in the subscription of most of the countryside organisations. It is worth joining them to help protect your sport, and doubly so when you take the free insurance into account.