A reader asked for some advice regarding looking after his friends guns while he moved house. Graham Downing advised transferring the shotguns to his certificate.

A reader asked for some advice:  A friend of mine is moving house but, until his other property is ready, he would like me to hold his shotguns rather than put them in the care of a local gunshop. I appreciate that I can hold them for 72 hours without notifying the local constabulary, but it appears that it will take longer than this, though he will still be within the area and he would like to continue his shooting with me and other colleagues and be in a position to collect his shotguns whenever he requires. Can you please advise?

Shooting consultant and sporting author, Graham Downing, said: There is no difficulty here, provided both you and your friend are current shotgun certificate holders. Simply ask your friend to transfer his shotguns to you. Enter them on Table 2 of your certificate (“shotguns transferred”) and at column B state “lent”. Make sure he enters his certificate details at column E and signs at column F.

Both you and your friend must each notify the police licensing department that issued your certificate within seven days of the transfer. This may be done by letter or by email. Once the transfer is completed, you may then keep the guns indefinitely until such time as your friend wants them back. Bear in mind that while they are in your possession, you will be responsible for safe storage of the guns, just as you are for your own.