A reader wonders what he should do whilst his gun is being repaired

Q: My shotgun has to go back for some work under warranty. The registered firearms dealer (RFD) I bought 
it from is sending a courier to my house to pick it up. Do I have to tell the police that the gun won’t be in my possession for a bit? 
I want to be sure that what I 
am doing is OK.

A: There is no need to inform the police because the return of a gun for work is not a transfer in law. There is no need for the record to be changed because you are still in legal possession of the gun. However, I would ask the RFD for a receipt so that you can account for it, just in case. An email acknowledging that the RFD has the gun for repair, giving its full description — bore, make model type and serial number — is enough for you to show that the gun is temporarily away from you. Keep 
a copy of the courier’s receipt and tracking number as well.

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