No visible damage was apparent so I decided to try the gun again, but the same thing happened only this time with devastating damage as the muzzle blew apart.

I took the gun back to the shop and a few days later we were instructed by the local cartridge rep to send it to the proof house for a full investigation into what caused the accident.

Even though numerous phone calls have been made to all parties, neither the dealer or I have heard a single thing back. I am surely entitled to some explanation and a replacement gun?

Shooting legal advice
If you get a double discharge it is unwise to fire the gun again without getting it checked by a gunsmith.

As you bought the gun from a dealer it will be covered by the Sale of Goods Act.

The gun should be fit for purpose and in this case it clearly wasn’t.

In my view – possibly through not fully understanding the law – you have been incredibly patient.

Tell the dealer you want either your money back or another gun of similar quality.

It’s no good letting him hide behind the smokescreen of what the importer or proof house may or may not be doing.

If the dealer won’t play ball contact your local Trading Standards Office or take him to the Small Claims Court to get your money back.

As with any product you buy, a gun should be ‘fit for purpose’ – if it isn’t, the retailer should replace it or give a refund.