Sporting Answers: Locating a lost ferret

Sporting Answers: Locating a lost ferret

Q) I have just started ferreting with some new friends and we tend to spend long periods waiting for our ferrets to return. None of us has a ferret finder and we are all fairly inexperienced. Is one really necessary? M. GARBUTT By email

Airline ammunition limits

Airline ammunition limits

Q)I will soon be flying to Eastern Europe with my shotgun, which is an old English 12-bore with 2.5in chambers. What is the maximum amount of ammunition I can take with me, or would I be wiser to try to obtain cartridges at my destination? J. MONROE By email…

Do police need their own shotgun licence to take your guns?

Shotgun licence: If a police officer is required to take a firearm from you, surely they must be firearms qualified and hold a shotgun licence? Many police officers are not sure about firearms and wouldn’t know if a gun is loaded. Who is responsible? I thought we, as licence holders,…

Step by step: Bullets for deer stalking

Deer stalking: People often spend hours pondering over which rifle, grade of wood and scope they want to buy, but pay little attention to the bullets that they will shoot through it.


Q) Several pairs of swifts breed under the eaves of our house every year. This year we rescued a young bird that was grounded, and then successfully launched it into the air. Before releasing it, we removed four large, flat flies from its plumage. Could these have been the cause…

Small tortoiseshells

Q) After two summers when I hardly saw a single small tortoiseshell butterfly, they are suddenly back in good numbers. What caused their disappearance, and their welcome return? R. COLLINS Somerset