Is the shooting technique I’ve read about correct?

Shooting advice: I've read a book on skeet clay shooting written by an American coach who says the knee on our front leg needs to be bent and the gun should be mounted with the elbow held high - almost at right angles to the shoulder pouch.

Heat haze stopped me from pigeon shooting!

When pigeon shooting last summer, I enjoyed a couple of days on laid wheat in hot weather - the only trouble was the heat haze from the barrels caused problems when the gun was mounted. How do you stop this haze occurring? Would it help to pour cold water down…

What’s the legal age to carry a .22 air rifle?

Shooting advice: I was wondering what the legal age is to be in possession of, or carry, a .22 calibre air rifle at 12ft/lb to or from a shooting ground. I’m 15 and I would like to know this before I go out and get nicked by the police.