Sporting Answers: Todd’s Canada goose

Q) During the past winter there was a single small Canada goose mixed in with the barnacle flock here in Dumfries & Galloway. Local birdwatchers told me that it was a Todd’s Canada goose, but do you have any more information? R. MCTAVISH Dumfries and Galloway

Lack of Notice

Q) As a land agent, I have had to deal with a variety of deer stalkers, who seem to come and go without anyone knowing what they are doing or where. Obviously, stalking requires some odd hours, but may I reasonably ask them to give notice of their movements to…

Sporting Answers: Guns as heirlooms

Sporting Answers: Guns as heirlooms

Q) A friend is being given three shotguns by her father, as he can no longer shoot because of age. Although she will not shoot them very often, she does not want to de-activate them, as they hold sentimental value. She does not possess a shotgun certificate and her plan…