Bizarre feather rituals

Q) During some fine weather at the end of May, I was watching a starling in my garden. Its wings were spread and its tail was fanned out, and the bird was picking up ants and putting them in its feathers. Is this a known habit and, if so, what…

My gundog has a dry, bleeding nose!

We have a two-year old working Cocker spaniel that’s extremely fit and full of energy. However he has always had a dry nose that has got worse recently: it bleeds a little and he sometimes sniffs and sneezes.

Ferret at large

Q) Recently my hob ferret escaped from his hutch and remains missing. Where are the best places to enquire or advertise the fact that he has gone astray? And are there any other avenues that I should explore to try to find him? T. GOLDRICK By email