Fascinating Phantams

Q) I can recall once seeing a photograph of a “phantam” — a cross between a bantam hen and a cock pheasant — on the letters page of Shooting Times. How unusual is this cross-breed, and are the offspring fertile? P. ACTON By email


Q) I recently bought a double hammerless non-ejector shotgun at auction for £250. It is listed as a BSA Special Sporting gun in 12-bore and suitable for 23⁄4in cartridges. The number is 41746. Is it worth the price I paid and can I use modern cartridges in it? J. TREVELLION…


Q) I ferret some large warrens and am often alone when doing so. The problem with this is that I am afraid of losing a ferret if it wanders off while I am busy. How can I avoid this?