Complete Ferret Foods

Q) Though I have always been an advocate of feeding flesh, fur and feather to my ferrets, I am well aware that the modern complete ferret foods are claimed to be a good substitute. What is your opinion? T. WARHAM By email


Q) While out walking I found several undamaged pheasant eggs removed from a nest. Two were lying in short grass and one was not far from a feeder. What animal or bird is removing these eggs and leaving them without so much as a crack? J. KINGSWELL Surrey

How do I deal with a barking deer?

Deer stalking: If I am stalking through woodland and think a deer might have seen me because it barks but doesn’t run away, what is the best way of dealing with it?


Q) Each year we have a pair of Canada geese nesting on our pond and, much as I like to see them, they make such a mess. I am also concerned that they could create a problem for my grandchildren who occasionally wade and swim in the pond. I am…