How can I help my eye dominance problem?

When I was younger I had a very dominant right eye, but as I have grown older I have developed a very pronounced master eye problem. Short of closing my left eye when I shoot, is there some other mechanical means that would help me? I do nowadays wear prescription…

Pigeon shooting on spring drillings

Pigeon shooting on spring drillings

Pigeon Shooting expert, Peter Theobald, is getting all excited about pigeon prospects over spring drillings. Here he explains why things are looking so good and reveals how to make the most of your opportunities.

The comb on my Tikka .243 deer rifle is too low!

Having taken up deer stalking and bought a Tikka .243 rifle I am puzzled to find that the comb is too low to fit my cheek when looking through the scope. Surely rifles are almost exclusively used with a scope and I am amazed that either a stock shaped for…