Game dealer only wants head-shot deer carcasses

I sell deer to a game dealer and he has told me he will pay less for carcasses if they are not head shot. I do not want to do this because it?s so easy to wound the deer if it moves its head suddenly. Is the dealer?s demand reasonable?…

I get bad eyes when pigeon shooting

I've just bought some mesh curtain camo netting which is light, compact and a great colour. The only trouble is when I look through it I end up going cross-eyed and get bad eye strain. Do other people get this?

My dog doesn’t use its nose

How can I encourage my two-year old labrador to use his nose more often when I send him for a retrieve? At the moment he seems to prefer using his eyes - and he's starting to ignore whistle commands. What can I do?

How much of a problem are grey squirrels?

Grey squirrels have received a lot of bad press lately in relation to the decline of woodland song birds. How much damage do they do to game bird nests and how are they most effectively controlled with the minimum of labour?

My ferret is too fat!

A friend has given me an extremely fat ferret which hasn't been worked for several months. I read recently that I should put it on a cereal based diet. Do you agree? How can I get it back into working shape? What weight should an 'average' ferret be?

Swans on my flight pond

Last season I tried to attract duck to a small spring fed lake - but without success. I fed barley in the shallows, but apart from one or two mallard it only managed to attract three resident swans.

What is a healthy diet for a ferret?

What, in your view, does a healthy diet consist of for a ferret? Do you feed it the same stuff each day or do you change it regularly? What do you give it to drink – water or milk, or both?