Why are my ferrets are strange colours?

All the pictures I see of ferrets are either albinos or darker coloured hobs. I have just bought two jills and a hob from a friend and all three are almost black in colour. Have you come across such colouration before?

How do we get pheasants to fly towards the guns?

We have one woodland drive on our farm shoot where it's difficult to get pheasants to fly forward towards the guns. Can we rectify the problem? We are driving the wood towards the release wood and that last season we did not encounter this difficulty.

What colour should I paint my decoys?

Does the colour of artificial decoys affect how well birds come to the pattern over oilseed rape? I use a rotary machine but I feel like 'normal' decoys blend in too well with foliage.


At what age should a hob kit be castrated?

I have been told to have at least one hoblet in my hutch for when jills - that I don't want to breed from - come into season. At what age should a hob kit be castrated? Would it be better, and cheaper, to buy an adult hob?

What can I do with set-aside land?

I have been told I cannot ride my ride-on lawnmower around headlands or set-aside to go pigeon shooting. Apparently you can't do anything on set-aside, not even put pheasant pens up. Yet i have seen people horse riding all over it?

Should I just stick to shooting Sporting?

I took up shooting 18 months ago and have only shot Sporting. I would like to have a go at English Skeet but the lads I knock around with aren't interested in it. Should I just stick to Sporting?