My scores are down since I got fat!

I have put a lot of weight on and it's noticeable that my Sporting scores have gone into gradual decline ever since. Why is this? I feel as fit as I ever did and visit the gym three times a week for weight training.

Did mini-clays get through my shot pattern?

Did mini-clays get through my shot pattern?

I've never shot mini-clays before and they were fun to shoot, but I ended up missing them all - and I haven't got a clue why. Could they have been getting through the pattern? My gun is choke improved cylinder and 1/4.

Can I domesticate a wild ferret?

I caught a feral ferret last Saturday and it's as wild as a hawk. Have I got any chance of domesticating it again? I've also been given a set of hemp purse nets but a lot of rabbits seem to be escaping from them - should they be bigger?

Can I kill birds cleanly at over 40 yards?

Can I kill birds cleanly at over 40 yards?

I am not very good at estimating ranges. Even though my pal laughs at me I always put a marker stick 40 yards from the hide to give me some idea of where the pigeons are. Can I kill birds cleanly farther out than this?

Where should we place our release pen?

Our farmer has said we can use one of two woods on the histo build a release pen. This is good because we think the present pen is in the wrong position. What should we look for when deciding which of the two woods we choose?

When do you feed your ferrets?

How often, and at what times of the day do you feed your ferrets? One of my ferrets occasionally refuses to come out of a burrow and sometimes it can be underground for hours!

How do I catch crows?

Can you advise me on best practice for operating both Larsen traps and multi-catch crow cages. What I should do with them when not in use?