Should I just stick to shooting Sporting?

I took up shooting 18 months ago and have only shot Sporting. I would like to have a go at English Skeet but the lads I knock around with aren't interested in it. Should I just stick to Sporting?

What constitutes a trained gun dog?

I say it should have been worked in the shooting field but a friend says it's fully trained when it retrieves dummies, responds to whistle commands and follows hand signals?

Is this Nikko shot gun any good?

I have been offered a Nikko over-under shotgun in a private sale. It looks good, but I can find no references to the manufacturer. What do you know about these guns?

My scores are down since I got fat!

I have put a lot of weight on and it's noticeable that my Sporting scores have gone into gradual decline ever since. Why is this? I feel as fit as I ever did and visit the gym three times a week for weight training.

Did mini-clays get through my shot pattern?

Did mini-clays get through my shot pattern?

I've never shot mini-clays before and they were fun to shoot, but I ended up missing them all - and I haven't got a clue why. Could they have been getting through the pattern? My gun is choke improved cylinder and 1/4.

Can I domesticate a wild ferret?

I caught a feral ferret last Saturday and it's as wild as a hawk. Have I got any chance of domesticating it again? I've also been given a set of hemp purse nets but a lot of rabbits seem to be escaping from them - should they be bigger?

Can I kill birds cleanly at over 40 yards?

I am not very good at estimating ranges. Even though my pal laughs at me I always put a marker stick 40 yards from the hide to give me some idea of where the pigeons are. Can I kill birds cleanly farther out than this?

Where should we place our release pen?

Our farmer has said we can use one of two woods on the histo build a release pen. This is good because we think the present pen is in the wrong position. What should we look for when deciding which of the two woods we choose?