Shooting legal advice
I have a copy of one of these forms and it is outrageous! The police have no power whatsoever to require that you place your guns in storage before processing your application.

You should write at once to the Chief Constable in person and complain.

Your letter should be short, polite and to the point.

However I have to say my sympathy is limited seeing that you delayed getting your application in. Normally applications should reach the licensing department at least 8 weeks before the old certificate expires.

If, for some reason beyond your control, you couldn’t do this you should tell the police and they should make every effort to turn your certificate round in time.

If they can’t they should issue a Section 7 permit to tide you over while the renewal takes place.

A couple of years ago the police force whose form I have seen was taking up to 4 months for renewals and leaving many applicants without a valid certificate for weeks at a time.

I suspect they may be trying to overcorrect but they’re not allowed to do so in this way.